Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Hard to believe a year has passed since the Giants glorious victory in the Arizona desert. We went from a year with no expectations to a year with huge expectations, and an even bigger let down.

It should be a good game today. The Cardinals weapons of Warner, Fitzgerald, and Boldin against Big Ben, Hines Ward, and the Steelers defense.

We've been wrong about the Cardinals this entire playoffs, and though we think this game will be competitive, we think the Cardinals good times end today.

You can say no one though the Giants would be the Patriots last year, but there's one big difference between last year's Pats and this year's Steelers. And that would be the defense. Though the Patriots entered the big day unbeaten, their defense wasn't anything stupendous. That's not the case with the Steelers, and that will be the difference.

Steelers 31-20. Big Ben wins MVP.

11 Days

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