Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bud Selig, Idiot at Large

We've been very critical in the past of Bud Selig, and his latest comments do nothing to change the fact that we think he's an idiot.

Selig told USA Today's Christine Brennan that he would not rule out disciplinary action for Alex Rodriguez's revelation of steroid use.

Just who are you trying to impress Buddy? The fans? The owners? Yourself?

The thing is that steroid use in baseball was not illegal from 2001-2003. If the government hadn't intervened you would probably still be sitting on your hands today and looking the other way. Home runs sell tickets.

And let's not forget this was supposed to be confidential steroid screening. We're just amazed that Selig didn't have access to the results even if they were confidential.

Finally, Bud you better suspend 75% of the players in the majors, because that's the probably the number of players doing steroids in the period from 2001-2003. Hell, any member of those Texas Rangers team for that matter.

Go back to selling used cars, Bud. It's the perfect role for you.


  1. I agree. The man is an imbecile. The whole friggin' thing is his damn fault. It was after the strike and ticket sales were down, that is when this steroid thing began. Home runs sell tickets and Bud "The Blockhead" Selig just sat back like you said, and turned the other way. Take some responsibility Selig. You're a coward. You made it possible for A-Rod to do drugs.