Saturday, February 21, 2009

Steroids in the Yankees Family

George Steinbrenner doesn't have to look any further than his own son in-law to find steroid issues. Felix Lopez Jr. married King George's daughter Jessica in 2004. That meant that Lopez's son and namesake was now part of the Yankees extended family. But you won't find Felix Lopez III anywhere near the Yankees.

The younger Lopez was busted back in 2002 for distributing steroids, a first degree felony that could have landed him in jail...for life. But Lopez III worked out a deal with prosecutors to bump it down to a second degree felony charge. Lopez plead guilty to possession with intent, and was given three years probation.
In an interview with Newsday on Friday, Lopez Jr., 54, said he stands by his son but added that his son will never work for the Yankees because of his past and the negative perception it would create. "Sometimes kids make mistakes," Lopez Jr. said.
Federal authorites had intercepted a package, containing illegal steroids, intended for a woman at Lopez III's address. But when they delivered the package, Lopez said the package was his. He was arrested as part of a large steroids bust that saw 115 people arrested in 80 cities around the nation.

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