Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Around the Horn - 2/24

The Blue Jays have been injury riddled the last couple of years and they're already off to a bad start in '09. Star outfielder Vernon Wells will miss the next month with a hamstring injury after hurting his leg in a base running drill. Wells missed the last month of the '08 season with the same injury.

Marvin Miller must have been delirious when he recently appeared on the Michael Kay Show. Miller was emphatic that there was nothing wrong with steroids; that nothing had been proven. Donald Fehr of course follows the party line that Miller handed down to him, and Mike Lupica (who was rarely quote) took him to task for it.

Performance enhancing drugs will never fully go away if the union continues to stick their heads in the sand.

Players continue to drop out of the World Baseball Classic. Wells is obviously out, and Albert Pujols joined him after finding out he couldn't get disability insurance due to his '08 injuries.

Carlos Marmol of the Cubs pulled out of the tourney so he could compete for the Cubs closer job. Other players won't go because they won't start (Ryan Ludwick) or because they only want to learn the new position they're playing (Carlos Guillen).

We've said it before and we'll say it again, the WBC is a waste.

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