Monday, February 23, 2009

Cutter in the Corner Pocket

With all the nonsense surrounding A-Rod and with the pressure to win as high as ever, Joe Girardi decided to let the boys blow off some steam this afternoon. Instead of working out at GMS III Field, the team headed to the pool hall for a day of caroms, cue balls, and racks.
"Today is one of those days that, as a ballplayer, you'll never forget," Johnny Damon said. "I don't think any team has ever really done this. It says a lot about Joe. He knows we've been working hard and he rewarded us."
Mariano Rivera was the big winner as the team was split into two man teams for the "Annual World Championship of Pool". Mo combined with Phil Coke and later Andy Pettitte, who helped him defeat Hideki Matsui and Nick Swisher in the finals.
"It looked like [Rivera] was pretty good -- he definitely had that closer mentality, even playing pool," Damon said.
What's in store for next week...paintball?

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