Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Post Conference

Nearly 24 hours have passed since A-Rod's self described youthful mistake. The reaction, for the most part, has not been good, particularly from the media. While there are a number of fans who could care less if he A-Rod did 'roids are not, the majority of Yankees fans seem to be upset at the appearance, for lack of a better term, of "A-Fraud".

Most people we have spoken to, or read, feel there is much more to the story. Particularly:

  1. How could you not know what you were taking?
  2. Who is the mysterious cousin (Francesa and others are referring to as "My Cousin Vinny"
  3. How could you not know whether you really failed a drug test or not
  4. Is there much more to come to light when Selena Roberts' book goes to print.
Here's what the media thinks:

Steve Politi (Star Ledger): The dumb cousin excuse? Sorry, A-Rod, nobody is buying it

Peter Abraham (Journal News): A-Rod blames youth, stupidity for steroid use

Tyler Kepner (NY Times): A-Rod Details his use of Steroids

Jack Curry (NY Times): After Awkward Pause, Rodriguez Thanks Yankees

Mark Feinsand (NY Daily News): What A-Rod should have said. Mark also has a transcript of A-Rod's opening statement.

Joel Sherman (NY Post): The Truth to be Told, A-Rod Just Can't

Dan Graziano: We're Supposed to believe this?


  1. One vote for "We're Supposed to believe this?".
    Alex should have sung
    It's a Sin"" intead of telling such a lousy story.

  2. BTW, I love the part when Johnny said at least Alex didn't kill anyone.
    It almost made me choked on my tea.