Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Yankee Way

This is a plea to fellow Yankees fan to stop throwing out phrases like, "That's not the Yankee way", "He's not a true Yankee", etc.. Enough of this nonsense.

We don't recall "He not a true Yankee" being used prior to A-Rod's arrival. Maybe it was used for Roger Clemens on occasion.

And in case you haven't noticed, the Yankees have been a hot bed for reclamation products. In addition to the recent steroid users, the Yankees have had the following players and manager that had drug and/or alcohol problems.

Steve Howe

Darryl Strawberry

Billy Martin

Tim Raines

Doc Gooden

And these are only the most obvious. They also knew about the partying lifestyle of players like David Wells. So stop with the holier than though attitude when talking about the Yankees of the past, and in comparison to other MLB teams.

Whitey, Mickey, Don Larsen..they all got their freak on. It's part of the sports culture, and for that matter teammate culture.

A-Rod, Jason Giambi..they're people and people are flawed. So get over it.

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