Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Daily Yankeeland - 2/11

Believe it or not, there is stuff going on besides the A-Rod fiasco.

Chad Jennings, who covers the Scranton Yankees, had a talk with Mark Newman and has a great run down of where some of the prospects will be playing and what is expected of them.

Mark Feinsand of the Daily News
has some more on Yankees prospects, including Jesus Montero, the Yankees heir to Jorge Posada.

Back to A-Rod for one minute. Tom Hicks, owner of the Rangers..please shut your pie-hole. Seriously. In case you haven't heard, Hicks said he felt betrayed and deceived by A-Rod. Your entire team was rampant with steroids and you didn't care. Don't make it sound like you did.

No need for Frank McCourt to worry about his future reading list. The Dodgers owner putting a clause in Joe Torre's contract, forbidding a tell all.

Newly signed Mark Teixeira has made a half-million $ endowment to his college baseball team, Georgia Tech.

The Joba impersonator got off light

The Yankees lost prospect Reegie Corona, in the recent Rule V draft, to the Mariners. The M's like him.
Reggie Corona: A Rule 5 Draft selection out of the Yankees' organization, the 22-year-old Corona hasn't played higher than Double-A. The switch-hitter is best known for his speed (24 stolen bases last season) and defense. "We're excited about giving this kid a chance," Zduriencik said. "He can run, play the infield and has a little bit of a bat. When you put together a team, you have to have a guy like this."
Former Yankee pitcher Jim Abbott will have his number retired by the U. of Michigan on April 18.

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