Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cano Worked out with Banned Trainer

To Robinson Cano, the accusations against banned trainer Angel Presinal are all hearsay. Cano hasn't witnessed Presinal using performance enhancing drugs as part of his workouts and has never had any discussions about the subject. To Cano, Presinal is a guy "who knows what he's doing" when it comes to exercise and getting in shape, and that is why Cano worked out with Presinal this winter.

While Cano sees nothing wrong with Presinal, he did admit that he saw Presinal around when the Yankees were on the road in 2007. Alex Rodriguez stated that he didn't use steroids after 2003, but this obviously shines a light of doubt on that statement.

Cano told the Daily News' Mark Feinsand, he'd have no problem working out with Presinal again.
"He's great about conditioning guys. I can tell you that myself, last year I was healthy all season," Cano said. "To be honest, I don't care what happened with him in the past. ... If I had to go back and work with him if I'm hurt, I'd go back."
Presinal has been linked to other players as well including Cano's good buddy Melky Cabrera. David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Vladimir Guerrero, Ervin Santana, and Francisco Cordero have all worked out with Presinal, who was part of the Dominican Republic's training staff during the 2006 World Baseball Classic.

Presinal defended himself to
"I have never advised a player [to take steroids]; I have never talked about steroids with any athlete, with any baseball player," Presinal added. "I just wish there was someone out there with the courage to accuse me directly. That will never happen because folks respect me."
Ortiz came to Presinal's defense as well:
In an interview last night on Comcast SportsNet, Ortiz said that Presinal is a good trainer. "The place where he works, it's a facility that is like five minutes away from my house, it's like an Olympic place where everybody goes and hits and runs," Ortiz said. "He's the guy that knows how to teach you how to train, how to get your body ready to go. But beside that, I have no idea about all this."
It is interesting that Presinal was banned from all MLB clubhouses in 2001 after being found with a bag full of syringes and steroids, but no action was taken against Juan Gonzalez, whom the bag reportedly belong to. Translation- Bug Selig and MLB doing their best to look the other away.

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