Friday, February 13, 2009

The "U" Moves Forward with Naming Ceremony

Consider the number of reprobates that have passed through the University of Miami, particularly in the football program, admitted steroid use seems pretty petty by comparison. With that possibly in mind, the university is going forward with tonight's ceremony to rename their baseball complex, "Alex Rodriguez Park".

Actually the school had no choice. After all, A-Rod paid for most of the renovations to the field, which took six years to complete. A-Rod grew up in the Miami area, but didn't attend the school. Despite that, he felt compelled to help the school's baseball needs. For that reason, it was only right that the complex be named after him.
"It (the steroid use) does leave a bad taste in the mouth." Hurricanes head coach Jim Morris said the project has been in the works for six years. "It feels right after all he's done for the school and the players who have come through the program," he said.
The school will have extra security on hand tonight, more likely to control the media than those in attendance.

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