Thursday, January 1, 2009

You Say You Want a Resolution

New Year's is a time for resolutions. We think these are some of the ones the Yankees family came up with this year.

Alex Rodriguez
I will not "Vogue" while play third base.
If we make the playoffs, I'll get more than 2 hits. Either way I'll have fun out there.

CC Sabathia
I will leave some of the post game spread for my teammates.

A.J. Burnett
I will stay off the disabled list.

John Sterling
I will not refer to CC Sabathia as Chubby Checkers or Coca Cola. Anyone know what rhymes with Teixeira?

Joe Girardi
I won't lie to the media about injuries. Last week Brian Bruney got a paper cut reading the Sunday paper. I don't know any more, I swear. Get off my back.

Brian Cashman
I will try to cut down on how much I use the word "process". It will take some doing though, because it is a process. Damn.

Melky Cabrera
If I'm not traded, I promise to eat more low fat foods and get more than 2 hits a month.

Mariano Rivera
I'll cut down on losing tie games.

Chien-Ming Wang
I will appear on the post-game show.

Robinson Cano
I will be consistent.

Derek Jeter
I'll date Marissa Miller.
I won't pose as a car salesman.

Michael Kay
I'll continue to make every ball sound like it's hit to the warning track.
I'll continue to use street terms. Are you down with that?
I won't laugh at everything Paul O'Neill and Al Leiter say.

Suzyn Waldman
I will not cry at opening day's first pitch.

John Flaherty
I will try not to be so white bread. Pass the mayo.

Andy Pettitte
I will be a Yankee.

Hank Steinbrenner
I will say something outrageous at least once. Look ma, top of the world!!! See?

George Steinbrenner
I will have a Paul O'Neill day at the new Stadium.

The New Yankee Stadium
I'll watch the Yankees raise the World Series championship banner on opening day, 2010. Okay, that's next year, but you catch my drift.

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