Sunday, January 25, 2009

Torre Decides to Burn Bridges

We can hear Michael Kay already. "Everyone thinks he's St. Joe, but he's not", etc. Joe Torre has a new book, with Tom Verducci, 'The Yankee Years", coming out at the beginning of February. In it he takes shots at Alex Rodriguez, Brian Cashman, and George Steinbrenner, to name just a few.

On A-Rod - his teammates often referred to him as "A-Fraud" and he was obsessed with his rivalry with Derek Jeter.
Brian Cashman - Less than loyal and betrayed Torre "on several fronts". Torre was particularly unhappy with Cashman's lack of support during the post 2007 fiasco/contract negotiation. George Steinbrenner - Knew of Joe Torre's prostate cancer diagnosis before Torre could tell him. Torre was stunned by this.

Maybe this book was cathartic for Torre, and we know he loves money, but we're not big on tell all books. That being said, we'll probably read it.

Torre will be on David Letterman's show on February 3 and will be signing books that day at Yogi Berra's Museum.

Source: Daily News

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  1. Don't give this guy any undeserved money. Joe Torre had NO reason to write this book, other than the fact he's a bitter piece of garbage. He was 'clueless' Joe before George gave him a chance and for a good reason, he didn't win anything before he got here and all the winning he did came with Showalter's and Michael's players. And last year in the worst division in baseball he would've missed the playoffs had it not been for Manny Ramirez playing out of his mind. Torre needs to shut up.

    Could the Yankees have handled his firing better? Maybe, but you know what? Even Babe Ruth didn't get to leave this franchise on his own terms. With this book, Torre comes off as a hypocrite and I hope he's burned all bridges here now. No jersey retirement, no ceremonies, no nothing.