Friday, January 30, 2009

Larry King to Pitch Softballs to Joe Torre

No one asks less ground breaking questions than Larry King ("so, Osama Bin Laden, this is your first public interview. What do you like for breakfast?"), but he'll be serving them up to Joe Torre tonight. This will be Torre's first official interview since the news of the "The Yankee Years" came out.
"It's a terrific book," King said. "It's an extraordinary book. Even though it's written in the third person, it obviously is the thoughts of Joe, or why would he have approved it? It's a fascinating look at the Yankees and those years."

"Even though I'm not a close friend of his, I feel a strong attachment to him," King said. "My hope is that when it comes out, fans will know him better. They'll know him better, and the Yankees better."
Yeah okay, Larry. Wonder if he'll have on pinstriped braces (suspenders).

13 Days until Pitchers and Catchers

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  1. Can't wait for spring training, I would love to go up to Tampa as I am in Miami but this year we are playing the Marlins in June, so I will definitely be there!!!

    As for King, I agree with you...