Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Daily Yankeeland - 1/4

Is Mark Teixeira really a Yankee? The way things have been kept under wraps you have to wonder. But according to the Daily News' Anthony McCarron, Tex may finally be shown off to the public this Tuesday. Teixeira's Dad played high school ball with one Bucky Dent.

McCarron's "teammate" Roger Rubin is looking for MLB to help get players like Chien-Ming Wang to give more than a few grunts in interviews. Wang is one of a number of players who, rather than using an interpreter, doesn't offer much or shies away from the press. We've said ourselves we would like to hear The Wanger on some post-game shows.

The Wanger will be part of a Yankees clinic in Taiwan this week.

The NY Post's Kevin Kernan thinks the Yankees should bring in Oliver Perez to fill the number 5 spot in the rotation. Then again, this is the guy who though the Yankees should sign Mets failure Scot Schoenweis 2 years ago.

We watched part of Don Larsen's perfect game again on the MLB Network yesterday. Earlier there was also a piece on Christy Mathewson. In both cases, Bob Costas was involved. Bob is great, or was great (now very good), but must he be involved with everything baseball related?

The Yankees are still looking for more city money for the new Stadium.

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