Sunday, December 7, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 14

After a good 2-1 start on Thanksgiving day, we were a miserable 6-10 overall. Yes, that means 4-9 on Sunday/Monday. We're now 99-89-14 after going just 14-18 the last 2 weeks. But we've got the Thursday night Chargers-Raiders game in our pocket as we begin week 14.

Big Blue has had all the Plaxico Burress-Antonio Pierce nonsense (believe us we're not dismissing it by calling it nonsense), but it shouldn't distract them from the latest task at hand, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles played two horrendous games in a row, epitomized by the play of Donovan McChunky Soup, but made like the Phoenix in routing the Cardinals on Thanksgiving day. Snow flurries, high winds, and freezing temps in Giants Stadium today will impact that Eagles ability to put those same points on the board (or the 31 they scored against the Giants in Philly the first time they met).
Giants -6.5 vs. Eagles Prediction: Giants 27 Eagles 19

Jets -4 at 49ers
The Jets embarrassed themselves against the Broncos last week, causing some to jump off the bandwagon. But they should have no trouble with the Niners today. San Fran has been playing better of late, but they won't have an answer for the Jets offense.

Colts -13.5 vs. Bengals
Is there any reason to pick the Bengals? Seriously?

Bears -6.5 vs. Jaguars
The Jags totally humiliated themselves and their coach Jack Del Rio on Monday night. They quit, there's no debate about it. So while the Bears aren't exactly clicking on all cylinders they should handle a Jags team that probably won't like the Chicago weather either.

Texans +6 at Packers
The Texans, an indoor team, are not going to like the sub 20 degree temperature in Green Bay today, but some confidence from Monday's game should make this one close. Packers by 3.

Titans -14 vs. Browns
The Browns are down to their third string's going to make for a long final month for coach Romeo Crennel, who will probably resurface with one of his old pals (Bill Parcell, BillBelichik) next year.

Vikings -10 at Lions
We don't love this Vikings team by any measure, but these Lions flat out stink. They used to win at home, but don't even do that any more. A.P. should have 100 yards by halftime.

Ravens -5.5 vs. Redskins
The Ravens defense should be too much for the Redskins even with Clinton Portis playing. Joe Flacco takes the Ravens to another victory.

Falcons +3 at Saints
The Saints are merely favorites because they're at home. Shouldn't this game be a pick 'em at best?

Dolphins +1 at Bills (in Toronto)
A home road game for the Bills who were absolutely pathetic against the 49ers last week. 3 points? The Dolphins haven't played very well on the offensive side of the ball the last 3 weeks, but they should take this one.

Broncos -9 vs. Chiefs
Tricky pick. The Chiefs are rotten, with occasional flashes of mediocrity. The Broncos are mediocre with occasional flashes of wow, like last Sunday's win against the Jets. Maybe it will finally kick start them. Broncos win it something like 41-23.

Cardinals -14 vs. Rams
The Cardinals made a proud showing against the Giants 2 weeks ago, but they looked like high schoolers against the Eagles last week. They should beat up on a pathetic, injured Rams team though.

Steelers -3.5 vs. Cowboys
Game of the week! Had Marion Barber played, we probably would have gone with the Cowboys, thinking the Steelers would win by 1. But with Barber out and no proven running back to fill in for him, we like the Steelers. 23-16?

Patriots -7 at Seahawks
It wasn't that long ago that these two teams were meeting in the Super Bowl. It's been downhill since for the Seahawks.

Bucs +3 at Panthers
We liked this Panthers team earlier on and didn't like the Bucs. Roles have reversed. We're not that enamored with Tampa, but Jake Delhomme's bad elbow is effecting the offense. Bucs win a low scorer.

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