Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Weekend Yankeeland - 12/14

Shat or Get off the Pot
What's on Andy Pettitte's mind this Sunday morning? He met with Brian Cashman on Thursday, presumably so Cashman could appeal to his sense of "Yankees pride". Translation, "we're not paying you $16 million. Take a pay cut or take a walk. Ben Sheets will be glad to take your place." The ball is now in Pettitte's court.

A Frickin' Winner
Belated congrats to Tony Kubek as this year's Ford Frick Award winner by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Kubek made a name for himself on the NBC weekly telecasts with Joe Garagiola, and his broadcasting work included Yankees game in the 1990s. In 1994, tired of life on the road and dissatisfied with the state of the game, the former Yankees shortstop walked away with 2 years left on his contract.

Kubek's playing career ended pretty much the same way. He retired at age 30 after 9 years in the majors. He also, unfortunately, helped turn around the 1960 World Series for the Pirates, when Bill Virdon's bad hop grounder hit him in the throat, forcing him from the game and keeping a Pittsburgh rally alive.

We were never big fans of Kubek's broadcast work, though he grew on us during his stint with the Yankees. He was never afraid to criticize the home team like some other broadcasters and we respected that.

Kubek will be honored in Cooperstown on July 26 along with former Yankees Joe Gordon, elected to the hall by the veterans committee, and Rickey Henderson, who will enter the hall as a member of the Oakland A's.

Queme a Bebé Bernie
Bernie Williams never officially retired and though he may not want to play in the majors next season, he does want to play for his native Puerto Rico. So the guitar man is headed to Puerto Rico to play winter ball for the Carolina Giants. How long before Mike Francesa says the Yankees should bring him back (about 2 seconds after campaigns AGAIN for Joba to go back to the pen)?

Rich or Poor, It's Good to Have Money
In case you are interested, Richard Sandomir of the NY Times explains how the Yankees can afford players like CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett.

We laugh at those headlines that say the rich got richer. The rich haven't won anything in 8 years.

Caller, are you there?
Mark Feinsand of the News reports that Johnny Damon and A-Rod made recruiting calls to Burnett. A-Rod promise tickets to a Madonna concert and 2 free Kaballah sessions?

Don't Let the Door Hit Ya...
Midnight Friday or is that Midnight 12:00 AM as it became Saturday..oh never mind. That was the deadline for non-tendering players. Not many players were let go that will have a major effect on any teams, but the Rockies let speedster Willy Taveras go and the Astros parted with infielder Ty Wiggington. The Yankees have displayed an interest in Wiggington in the past and would probably be interested him as a utility player. However, Wiggington could probably get a starting job, or at least a back up job where he would play more, rather than signing with the Bombers.

Play by the Rules
The Yankees got their pockets picked in Friday's Rule V Draft. Reegie Corona (Sea), Zach Kroenke (Fla), Jason Jones (Min), and Ivan Nova (SD) were all taken in the major league phase of the draft.

Andres Santos (Pit) and Josue Selenes (Oak) then went in the Triple-A phase to make it 6 Yankees prospects selected. Amazing that some baseball "experts" claim the Yankees don't have good prospects.

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