Friday, December 26, 2008

Around the Horn - 12/26

We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and stuffed yourself like pigs. All part of tradition, ya know? Had the Yankees decided to have the New Year's Day NHL game, you would have seen the time lapse video at the Stadium. Instead, it's Wrigley getting the hockey treatment.

Kevin Mench, apparently tired of sitting on major league benches, has moved on to Japan. The best part about this is no longer hearing Michael Kay talk about the size of Mench's melon every time his team (Rangers, Blue Jays, Brewers) came to town. Hopefully the Yankees don't play the Hanshin Tigers this year.

A nice feature in the NY Times on Seattle's new skipper, Don Wakamatsu.

Rickey Henderson just turned 50, and since he hasn't made a comeback in the last 5 years, he'll soon be elected to Cooperstown. Hopefully, he doesn't pull out the old "I am the greatest" as part of his enshrinement speech.


  1. "The Yanks have some surplus set-up relief to spice up a trade and I do not think it is inconceivable that they could try to do a huge trade that would include Wang, who is two years from free agency."

    Do you think Joel Sherman was drunk or just joking?

  2. He was probably just throwing crap out there...though he's an idiot too.