Monday, December 8, 2008

Vegas Update - Day 1 10:40 PM EST

Tony Jackson of the LA Daily News is reporting that the Dodgers and Casey Blake are close to an agreement that would pay the free agent $17 million over 3 years. The Dodgers became Blake's main suitor after the Twins refused to give him a third year.

Padres GM Kevin Towers says it's up to the Cubs if a Jake Peavy deal is to go down. Reportedly a deal is in place, but the Cubs have to sign off on it. Towers also said there's a greater possibility of bringing back Trevor Hoffman if Peavy is dealt.

Blue Jays G.M. J.P. Ricciardi denied that he had any talks with the Mets concerning B.J. Ryan.

A Rangers official feels that the Rays and Royals are in the lead in the race for Milton Bradley. If the Rangers want him back, Bradley should stay and continue to play for Ron Washington.

Jason Giambi apparently thinks he's going back to Oakland, but Billy Beane isn't moving too quickly.

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