Sunday, December 28, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 17

We've reached the regular season end of the line (Mrs. MM is very happy about this). Another mediocre 8-8 week leaves us at 122-113-15 for the season. And this, of course, is the toughest week to decipher. Teams are trying to make the playoffs, others can't get home soon enough. So who knows who cares and who doesn't?

The Giants have nothing to play for on this Sunday, but their opponents, the Vikings, are looking to capture the NFC North or at worst a Wildcard spot. Big Blue will rest plenty of regulars - this is nothing like the regular season finale with the Pats last year. Therefore we have to go with the Vikings despite laying 7 points. Vikings -7 Prediction: Vikings 27 Giants 13

Jets -3 vs. Dolphins
What incredible finale to the regular season - Favre vs. Pennington in a possible do or die match that no one saw coming. We actually think the Jets will bounce back from last week's snowy misery to win it. Of course, being they are the Jets, we could be completely wrong.

Bucs -13 vs. Raiders
The Bucs need a win and some help to make the playoffs. Jon Gruden will make sure the first part happens against his old nemesis.

Packers -11 vs. Lions
Part of us was thinking that the Lions would keep this close...then we had coffee and cleared our heads.

Eagles -1.5 vs. Cowboys
The Cowboys are the better team. The Eagles actually could make the playoffs with a win and a bunch of other teams losing. While the latter isn't likely, we do think they'll spoil the 'boys day, and we would love that.

Bears +3 vs. Texans
We could see the Texans winning this game to finish at .500 and match their best home record (6-2). Somehow we think Da Bears will prevail.

Panthers -2 at Saints
Panthers have a playoff spot locked up, but not the division or a bye in round one. Their defense should be able to contain Drew Brees enough and the Saints won't stop the Panthers running game.

Falcons -14 vs. Rams
Matt Ryan and Co. will do all they can to win the AFC South.

Bengals -2.5 vs Chiefs
No one cares, but Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tyler Thigpen might at least put on a pretty good show.

Jaguars +11 vs Ravens
Jags quit on the season a long time ago, but we think Jack Del Rio will get his team pumped up for this one. Ravens win, but don't cover.

Titans -3 vs. Colts
No clue how this one plays out, because we have no clue how much either side will play their starters.

Steelers -11 vs. Browns
Even if Big Ben and his fellow starters sit most of the day, this should still be a cake walk. Romeo Crennel's nightmare is almost over.

Patriots -5.5 at Bills
Buffalo may be getting all revved up to play spoiler, but it ain't happening.

Seahawks +7 at Cardinals
Cards probably win, but 'hawks are good enough and Cards are bad enough to make this close.

Redskins +3 vs. 49ers
Again, tough to call. We're not sure who'll win, but something like 17-16 sounds pretty good.

Chargers -8 vs. Broncos
At first we though the Broncos would keep it close, but the more we thought about it, the Chargers are going to blow Denver off the field to win the AFC West. Wonder if Ed Hoculi will be watching?

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