Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cameron Headed to the Bronx

The much-rumored Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera deal has been completed according to the Daily News' Mark Feinsand. Cameron put up his usual numbers for Milwaukee last season - .243, 25 home runs, 142 strike outs in 444 at-bats.

While Cameron is a definite upgrade over Melky and Brett Gardner, we don't love this move. The Yankees are hoping it's a one-year move, with Austin Jackson taking over in 2010, but we've seen how those expected/hoped-for moves have gone.

This is Cameron's second time in the Big Apple, having played for the Mets in 2004-5. He hit 30 home runs in his first season at Shea, but drove in just 76 runs and hit .231. He followed that up with a .273-12-39 campaign and was limited to 76 games. As usual,l he had more strikeouts than hits.

Melky's demise was rapid after showing plenty of promise, hitting .280 his rookie year in 2006, with 7 home runs and 50 RBI. After putting up similar numbers in 2007, Melky stopped hitting after April and was sent to the minors late in the season, pretty much sealing his fate with the Bombers. We still love ya Melky. Good luck in Brew Town!

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