Sunday, December 14, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 15

UPDATE 8:10 PM - WOW, did we stink out the joint today.

A decent 9-7 record in week 14 put us at 108-96-14 for the year. We're 1-0 this week having taken underdog New Orleans against Chicago in the Thursday night game.

Big doings in Big 'D' tonight as Big Blue go to Dallas for the Sunday night game. And if you've read this blog you know just how much we hate the Giants in prime time. Stressful games, bad games, some wins. Scary. Giants don't have Brandon Jacobs or Plaxigun, but the Cowboys have been in-fighting (and possibly T.O. and Jason Witten literally coming to blows) all week, at least according to Dallas papers. We still like the Giants though, especially as 3 point underdogs. Oh how we hate the 'Boys. Giants +3 Prediction: Giants 27 Cowboys 17

Jets -7.5 vs. Bills
The Jets are coming off back to back disappointing weeks, but the Bills have been pathetic for longer than that. Jet fans jump back on the bandwagon after this one.
The Jets got big time lucky in winning, but that didn't help those who sided with them on the point spread. Loss

Packers -2 vs. Jaguars
The Pack has been struggling, but the Jags quit weeks ago.
The Pack is just not a good team and it showed today. 20-16 Jags. Loss

Colts -17 vs. Lions
We hate huge spreads, but we hate the Lions more.
We certainly didn't expect the Lions to hang in there, but they did in only losing by 10. Loss

Redskins -7 at Bengals
Some (Mike Francesa) would have you believe that the Deadskins season is done. Clinton Portis went after coach Jim Zorn on the radio, the offensive line is banged up, etc.. But the Skins could still save their season and we don't trust Cincy.
We really hate when Francesa is right. Loss

49ers +6.5 at Dolphins
Miami has been getting undeserved good sized spreads. Sure they are 8-5, but for the most part they don't win by much. Same goes for today even if Frank Gore doesn't play.
Pegged this one perfectly. Unfortunately, we didn't do that too often today. Win

Seahawks -2.5 at Rams
Looks like it was a better game than we expected and we got it right. Win

Titans -3 at Texans
With Houston's improved play this could be an entertaining one.
The Texans are hot, 4 straight wins and hand the Titans their 2nd loss. Loss

Steelers +3 at Ravens
Along with the Giants-Cowboys, the game of the week. Black and blue football sees the Steelers continue to rise to the top of the AFC.
Just as advertised and Steelers with another come from behind win. Win

Broncos +8 at Panthers
Despite their big win over the Bucs, we're not jumping back on the Panthers bandwagon so fast. Their offense has still been erratic and the Broncos big play 'O' can keep this close. Carolina wins though.
Boy did we have the wrong take on this one. Loss

Chargers -5.5 at Chiefs
Norv Turner's time in SD is almost over.
Chargers win, but very unimpressively. Loss

Cardinals -3 vs. Vikings
Tough one. Both teams are inconsistent. Toss of an imaginary coin.
Is there a worse looking first place team than the Cardinals? Loss

Patriots -7 at Raiders
Despite Matt Cassel grieving for the loss of his Dad, this game shouldn't be close for the Pats like last week's squeaker with Seattle.
Blow out city. Nice game for Cassel. Win

Falcons -3 vs. Bucs
We're on the Matt Ryan bandwagon for sure.
The Ryans do it again with a late FG. Push

Eagles -14 vs. Browns
Poor Romeo Crennel.

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