Saturday, December 20, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 16

Wow, we stunk out the joint last week and we're "fortunate" to go 6-9-1. That dropped ups to 114-105-15 . We've gotten off to a 1-0 start with the Colts win over the Jags, but these last weeks of the season are very hard to read. Speaking of hard to read, it's hard to take the temperature of the Giants right now. Big Blue has some key injuries and the Plaxico Burress mess, which has effected the offense more than we thought it would.

From looking like they had the #1 seed wrapped up, the Gints now have a tough game with the Panthers, who are tied with the Giants at 11-3. Brandon Jacobs is questionable, but right now is more probably than out. The Giants need Fred Robbins back as well to stop the Panthers running game, and Dominik Hixon to fill in for Buress. We could see thePanthers winning this, but we have to go with the Giants -3. Prediction Giants 19 Panthers 17

Cowboys -5.5 vs. Ravens
The last regular season game at Texas Stadium and the crowd and Cowboys will fired up. It will be too much for Joe Flacco and the Ravens. Too bad this game is on the NFL Network. You guys suck.

Seahawks +3.5 at Jets
Flip flopped on this one too. We're convinced the Jets will win this game, but it will come down to a field goal. This is Mike Holmgren's last home game coaching the 'hawks and we think Seattle will be amped up.

Steelers -2 at Titans
Wow, what a tough schedule the Steelers have had down the stretch. But they've come out on top and have only gotten stronger. We see them making it a long day for Kerry Collins.

Eagles -4.5 at Redskins
Eagles are on a roll and the Redskins are rolling over.

Dolphins -3.5 at Chiefs
Dolphins have been playing all close ones and they better not look ahead to the finale with the Jets.

Saints -7 at Lions
Should be a Brees.

49ers -5 vs. Rams
zzzzzzz, but Shaun Hill should have a big day.

Patriots -8.5 vs. Cardinals
Tough one. Pats blew out the hapless Raiders last week, but they've had some tough ones, and the Cards are a division leader. But as we have said before, is there a worse 1st place team than the Cardinals?

Bengals +3 at Browns
Remember when this was a good game?

Falcons +3.5 at Vikings
The Vikings are playing really well on the defensive side of the ball and Adrian Peterson is a monster. But the Matt Ryan and the Falcons are finding ways to win.

Texans -7 at Raiders
Wow, the Texans will be over .500 when the game is over. Who'd have thunk it?

Broncos -6.5 vs. Bills
No reason to go with the Bills.

Bucs -3.5 vs. Chargers
Bucs 'D' should make the difference.

Bears -4 vs. Packers
Packers season is done.

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