Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vegas Update - Day 2 8:20 AM EST

Jon Heyman of SI and Joel Sherman of the NY Post expect the Mets and free agent closer Francisco Rodriguez to work out a 3-year deal, worth app. $37 million, before the end of the winter meetings.
Rodriguez's agent, Paul Kinzer, said, "I am more optimistic than I have ever been" about finalizing a deal between the single-season save leader and the Mets.
It's hard to believe the Angels wouldn't match such an offer or bump it up a bit to keep K-Rod.

One team rep feels the Red Sox will sign Mark Teixeira. Why does that count any more than what we think?

These updates from Fox's Ken Rosenthal:

The Braves and Cards are trying to work out a deal that would send Rick Ankiel to Atlanta, but thus far the Cards are asking for Mike Gonzalez, and that's a no-go for Atlanta.

The Blue Jays are meeting with shortstop Rafael Furcal's agents, but the chance of signing the free agent are slim.

The Phillies are still looking at Delmon Young of the Twins, and have jumped into the Jake Peavy trade talks.
The Rangers are quietly shopping shortstop Michael Young according to an AL executive, so says Yahoo Sports' Tim Brown.

The Dodgers inked veteran Mark Loretta to a one year deal, meaning that Nomar's days in LA are numbered.

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