Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Give me more Spoon

As we sat in the grandstand on Sunday, I wondered aloud, "Where the spoon man? Where's Freddy?" It occurred to me that we were well into the game and I had not heard the familiar sound of large metal spoon hitting frying pan.

New York Magazine has my answer.
Over the weekend, unofficial fan mascot Freddy Schuman (better known as Freddy “Sez,” of colorful sign-and-frying-pan fame) was denied entry to Yankee Stadium.
Freddy was there for opening day, but apparently the new Gestapo-like security regime has their heads up their asses. Freddy is part of the Stadium. The Steinbrenner boys better straighten this out immediately!

photo courtesy of NY Magazine


  1. Am I the only one that doesn't mind Freddy having to buy a ticket to get into the stadium like EVERYONE else?

  2. Maybe..the guy is 86 and is usually in poor health. It's not like supporting a family of welfare recipients.

  3. There are plenty of unsold and empty seats.
    It won't kill anybody if the Yankees give him one for free.