Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Hot Stove

Don't Do as I Say
We could use an umbrella to keep the rain off the stove. The Red Sox could use a swift kick in the ass. We don't want to hear any more garbage out of Boston about how the Yankees did this or did that. First it was complaining about how much money the Yankees spent and then the Red Sox started doling out huge deals. Now comes word the Red Sox are about to sign Japanese amateur Junichi Tazawa, violating an age old verbal agreement that the Major Leagues would not raid the Japanese amateurs.

The Yankees may have been looking into a deal as well, but publicly Brian Cashman stated it was a mistake for teams to take such an approach. The fall out from all this of course is that Japanese leagues could disrupt the US amateur draft by making huge offers to US college and high school kids.

Bing Stays Healthier
If the A's can reel in Rafael Furcal, they'll look to deal oft-injured, underachieving shortstop Bobby Crosby. The A's are said to be willing to pick up a good chunk of Crosby's $5.25 million salary.

You Can Never Have Too Many
Left-handers that is. The Cardinals are still finalizing a deal with reliever Trever Miller and have now made an offer to fellow free agent Arthur Rhodes. The Yankees will be disappointed to see him out of the AL.

Making a Pitch
The LA Times reports that the Angels have shifted focus from re-signing Mark Teixeira to addressing pitching needs. Translation - CC Sabathia.

You'll Look Great in Black and Orange
That may be one of the pitches the Orioles make towards free agent pitcher A.J. Burnett now that Baltimore is in the mix.

The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
The Mets have received the X-Rays from Francisco Rodriguez's medical records as they decide whether or not to spend big money on a closer.

Stot Unemployed
With a new manager in Seattle, pitching coach Mel Stottelmyre, still one of our favorites from those old bad Yankees teams, is out of a job. Stot worked one season on the M's staff. Perhaps something will open up with Joe Torre in LA.

Rockies Try Not to Laugh at Mets
The Rockies have reportedly turned down a deal that would have sent Aaron Heilman to Colorado for Huston Street. Street isn't what he once was or what anyone thought he would be, but he's still a lot better than Heilman.


  1. I like Stottelmyre too, but he really didn't do that much to make a case for himself. I'm not surprised.

  2. The Red Sox is courting the wrong Japanese amateur. How can they turn the blind eye to Wakefield's heir?
    BTW, am I the only one who thinks Huston Street and Paris Hilton will make a good couple?