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NFL Picks - Week 12

UPDATED 11/24 2:15 PM
Two weeks ago we lost the Thursday night game and had a great Sunday. No so in week 11, where we screwed up the Jets-Pats and the trend continued on Sunday. A miserable 5-11 week put us at 85-71-14. We hope to have a bounce back week after winning this past Thursday's Steelers-Bengals game.

Big Blue is out in AZ, where until last season's Super Bowl, they have always struggled. Of course that game was against the Cardinals. The Cards are 7-3, but they're division simply stinks. Kurt Warner is having a big year, but will still cough up the football under pressure. This is a different Giants team than the ones that gagged on games out west. We expect them to drive Warner crazy and cover the 3 points even if Plaxico Burress doesn't play and Brandon Jacobs is limited by his sore knee. Giants +3 Prediction: Giants 27 Cardinals 17
An entertaining game that showed the most important thing on the offensive side of the ball is to keep the offensive line healthy. No Brandon Jacobs or Plaxico Burress, but thanks to the heroics of Domenik Hixon, another 37 points on the board. WIN

Titans -5.5 at Jets
The game of the week pits the unbeaten Titans against the suddenly hot Jets (7-3). We still don't trust the Jets though. They have the top scoring team in the NFL, but 103 of those points came against the Rams and Cardinals in 2 games. They had a huge win over the Pats on Thursday and plenty of time to prep for the Titans. That being said the Titans are a better all around team and Kerry Collins is having a super year. We did get a good laugh last Sunday night though when NBC analyst and former Collins teammate Tiki Barber said he trusted Collins more than Brett Favre in a big spot. It seems Tiki forgot about that Super Bowl with the Ravens.
Okay, we admit it. We're going to have to start respecting the Jets. They dominated to win their 5th straight. Hey Tiki Barber, still think Kerry Collins is better than Brett Favre under pressure? LOSS

Browns -3 vs. Texans
Brady Quinn is going to try to play with a broken finger, but even if he can't go, we trust Derek Anderson a whole lot more than Sage Rosenfels who is filling in for Matt Schaub.
What a stinker of a game. Sage Rosenfels was far from great, but was compared to the two headed combo of Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson (13-32 145 yds 3 INT) LOSS

Bills -3 at Chiefs
Buffalo has to turn their season around very quickly or this is going to be a lost year. The Bills have lost 4 in a row after starting out the season 5-1. They have a chance to get back in the playoff hunt with this week's game and next week's match with the 49ers.
Bill snap their losing streak in dominant fashion by embarassing the Chiefs at home. Trent Edwards threw for 2 scores and ran for 2 more as the Bills put 54 points on the board. WIN

Patriots PK at Dolphins
The Pats have a number of injuries, especially at running back, but they should be able to bounce back from their OT loss to the Jets 11 days ago. The Dolphins barely escaped with a win against the woeful Raiders and haven't proven enough to be picked in this one.
The Pats wanted to show their world, "hey, we're still here" after losing to the Jets last week and the Dolphins earlier this season. It was all NE this time around, putting uo 530 total yards and 48 points. Matt Cassel threw for over 400 yards for the second straight game. WIN

Cowboys -9.5 at 49ers
The Cowboys car is definitely not running on all cylinders, but they should be able to handle a 3-win Niners team. Washington's offense is a lot better than San Fran's and Dallas' 'D' was able to hold them down.
Beating up on a patsy always makes you feel good. Yesterday 35-22 Cowboys win wasn't as close as it sounded. T.O. with 213 yards in receptions. WIN

Lions +8 vs. Bucs
This is a big stretch. It's difficult, we mean really difficult to take the Lions. Daunte Culpepper is only playing his 3rd game of the year and that's without a training camp. But the Lions play better at home and this Bucs team is overrated (we now expect a 34-13 blowout).
We thought we actually had something when the Lions went up 17-0. Final score, Bucs 38-20. Bucs used punt and INT returns to make up for only 255 total yards. Lions remain winless. LOSS

Ravens -1.5 vs. Eagles
Rookie Joe Flacco faces a tough pass rush for the second straight week. The Eagles are coming off their putrid performance against the Bengals. We think Flacco outplays Donovan McNabb in a tight one.
The Donovan McNabb era may very well be over in Philly. After last week's OT debacle, McNabb was pulled at halftime after an 8-18, 2 INT start. The Ravens bounced back from last week's loss to the Giants by dominating in every way imaginable. Quintin Demps (100 yd kick return) and Ed Reed (108 yd INT return) scored TD's while Saverio Rocca blocked a punt for a safety. WIN

Bears -8 at Rams
The Bears made us look real bad against the Packers last week, but Kyle Orton had the chance to shake some rust off. The Rams are pathetic. Without Stephen Jackson they are REALLY pathetic.
The Bears bounced back from last weeks drubbing at the hands of the Packers by steamrolling an awful Rams team. Matt Forte rushed for 132 yds and 2 scores. WIN

Jaguars -2 vs. Vikings
The Jags have been banged up all season, particularly the offensive line. It's led to a 4-6 record for a team that came into the season as one of the AFC favorites. The Vikings are only a game better (5-5), but it's got them in a three way tie in the NFC North. Jags should be able to a decent job of keeping Adrian Peterson in check.
All right, we give up on the Jags. We keep expecting things to change, but this team is done. LOSS

Panthers +1 at Falcons
Another great game. There's a lot of feeling that the Panthers are overrated. They certainly have underachieved on the offensive side of the ball. Matt Ryan is playing great and will have a good test today. We could have gone either way on this, but heck, we needed to pig some 'dogs.
The eeny meeny miney mo methodology didn't work on this one. The Falcons took a big step forward with a win that exposed the Panthers warts. LOSS

Broncos -9 vs. Raiders
Oakland has beaten the Broncos a number of times in Denver, but not today. The Broncos give up plenty of points, but they will score plenty today too.
Mike Shanahan must be using a ton of dye in his hair. How else would he not be silver or pulled every hair out of his head after watching his team's performance. 31-10? To the Raiders? LOSS

Redskins -3.5 at Seahawks
Deadskins are coming off the tough loss against the Cowboys last week, and need a win to get back on track. Seattle has been awful, but they do have Matt Hasselback back. Shouldn't be enough to pull off an upset though.
Clinton Portis rushed for 143 yards. The Seahawks only had 228 yards. The Seahawks had 2 turnovers to the Redskins 1. So did this end up only being a 3 point Redskin win? Wich was a loss for us! LOSS

Colts +2.5 at Chargers
The Colts will probably be without their all world defender, Bob Sanders, but Peyton Manning is playing a lot better (translation - knee is healthier) and the Chargers find one way after another to lose.
Adam Vinatieri is still money. A 51-yd FG to win it for the Colts. The Chargers season is sliddddddding away. WIN

Packers +2.5 at Saints
We don't trust either of these teams. We're not reading anything into the Packers romp over the Bears last week. We really don't trust this Saints team that has continually led us down after making the NFC championship game 2 years ago. Ryan Grant will have a big night and the Pack will win MNF.

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