Sunday, November 16, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 11

Last week we lost the Thursday night game, but finished a very solid 9-5 (though we were a very outstanding 6-1 at one point). This week we got the Thursday game wrong again, as the Jets finally beat the Pats, so hopefully that starts us off on another good week. To date we are 80-60-14 (.571).

Big Blue has a big battle this week with the defensively tough Baltimore Ravens (please don't make me watch Ray Lewis' asinine pre-game dance). The Ravens have improved on the offensive side of the ball with rookie QB Joe Flacco and a 3-headed running attack that includes former Rutgers standout Ray Rice.

The Ravens big trademark is their ability to stop the run game. The Giants on the other hand have the number one running game in the NFL. If the Ravens key too much on the run though, the Giants can exploit it with Plaxico (man to man coverage), Amani, the Bossman, etc..

We'll also see how the rookie QB can handle the Giants pass rush. The Giants are favored by a TD and the extra point, and although we think the Ravens will be a tough game, we think the Giants 'D' will be the difference in this one. Giants -7 Prediction: Giants 23 Ravens 13

Falcons -6.5 vs. Broncos
If this match up were in week one there would be no way we would take the Falcons. Then again the Broncos would have been heavily favored. But rookie QB Matt Ryan has been outstanding, especially at home, and the Broncos couldn't stop the school for the blind's offense.

Dolphins -10 vs. Raiders
Another who would have thunk it. The Fish favored by 10. A team that won only 1 game last year. Well this year's Raiders team makes last year's Dolphins team look like Super Bowl winner.

Colts -8 vs Texans
It's hard to have confidence in the Colts, but we figure they can handle this one.

Titans -3 at Jags
This should be the game of the day. Tough pick because we could see this being a 3-pt game.

Bears +3.5 at Packers
Probably still Rex Grossman, but the Bears 'D' is the difference maker.

Eagles -9 at Bengals
The Cheesesteaks shouldn't be 9 point favorites on the road, but the Bungles really stink.

Saints -5.5 at Chiefs
KC has been much more competitive of late, but the Saints have to wake up sometime. Don't they?

Panthers -14 vs. Lions
Jake Delhomme should have a bounce back game after throwing 4 picks last week. Daunte Culpepper is in for a long day.

Vikings +4 at Bucs
Adrian Peterson and too many faves are the only reason we're going with Minny.

Rams +6.5 vs 49ers
Worst game of the day.

Cardinals -3 at Seahawks
Blow out city.

Steelers -5 vs. Chargers
Good one

Cowboys -1 at Redskins
Romo in, Portis out.

Browns +5 at Bills
The Browns have accused each other of quitting, but this should still be a close game.

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