Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Hot Stove

When the A's traded for Matt Holliday it raised more than a few eyebrows. Now we're really wondering what Billy Beane is up to. He's reportedly offered free agent shortstop Rafael Furcal, a 4-year, $48 million deal. Furcal told "El Caribe" that he received an offer to play second base for the Mets and will be mulling that over as well.

WEEI in Boston reports that the Red Sox have offered their long time catcher Jason Varitek a 1-year deal. Varitek's agent Scott Boras wants Jorge Posada type money, but Varitek was nothing less than awful at the plate in his walk year.

The NY Times reported last week that Japanese baseball officials are upset at the pursuit of 22-yr old amateur pitcher, Junichi Tazawa. Japanese pros have to play 9 seasons before having the opportunity to pitch abroad. Some MLB teams and Tazawa are trying to skirt the system. That includes Boston, which has reportedly made an offer to Tazawa.

According to, rumors have resurfaced of a Mark Teahen to the Cubs trade. The Royals are reportedly interested in second baseman Mike Fontenot and pitcher Sean Marshall.

The East Valley Tribune reports that the Diamondbacks have made a 1-year offer to free agent infielder Ramon Vazquez. Vazquez hit .290 with 40 RBI in 300 at-bats for the Rangers this season, taking advantage of injuries to Hank Blalock and others.

Despite rumors the contrary, the Randy Youngman of the Orange County Register does not believe that Mark Teixeira will return to the Angels next season. Teixeira told ESPN's Erin Andrews he wants a new deal, wherever it is, by Christmas. Youngman's thoughts are based on a gut feeling. Probably just gas.

Derek Lowe is reportedly seeking a 5-year contract worth $75-$80 million. We hope the Yankees aren't dumb enough to even come close to that level with any offer.

Dodgers pitcher Chad Billingsley slipped and fell on ice at his home in Pennsylvania, breaking his leg. He's expected to make a full recovery by Spring Training.

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  1. Just imagine if CC slips on ice in front of his home in New York...
    All Yankees pitchers should move to where there's no snow nor ice ASAP.