Sunday, November 30, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 13

Before we get into anything else, we continue to be, surprisingly, shocked at Plaxico Burress' antics. We have to agree with Steve Politi of the Star Ledger, the sooner he's gone, the better.

Back to football. We were 2-1 on Thursday. Still shocked that the Eagles were favored by 3. Apparently they should have been favored by 15. Amazing how ordinary Kurt Warner can look under a pass rush.

Big Blue won't have Burress, who wasn't going to play anyway, but may have Brandon Jacobs back. We'll see at 1:oo EST, when the Giants and Redskins take the field at FEDEX Field. It'll be a wet, muddy ball game with rain expected all day in the D.C. area. The Giants are favored by 3.5 and that sounds good to us. Giants -3.5 Prediction: Giants 27 Redskins 13
We weren't far off on this though it looked early on that the Giants would win in a blow out. By half time it was a game, but the Giants superiority shined through. WON

Jets -8 vs. Broncos
It wasn't that long ago we would have thought there would be no way the Jets would be favored by 8, especially against a potent Broncos offense. But the Jets have won 5 in a row and the Broncos defense has been more porous than Paris Hilton's pants.
Did not see the Broncos offense rolling and playing good enough defense to win. LOSS

Bills -6.5 vs 49ers
The Bills have been a tremendous let down this year. They looked like they could easily take the AFC East once Tom Brady went down, but they've been miserable, especially QB Trent Edwards. Edwards bounced back with a big game in the Bills win last week against the Chiefs. He and the Bills will need to do it again this week against a Niners team that has nothing to lose. San Fran won't have to worry about the weather, as the temps will be at a mild Buffalo 41.
Trent Edwards missed the 2nd half, but this Bills team is pathetic. A 10-3 loss to the Niners? C'mon! LOSS

Bucs -4 vs. Saints
This is a huge game for the Bucs who have a chance to lock up the #2 seed in the NFC playoffs. The Saints can get back in the NFC South and Wildcard races with a win. Bucs 'D' prevails.
Close ball game, the Bucs blew a 20-10 lead before prevailing 23-20. Not good enough to cover though. LOSS

Packers -3 vs. Panthers
Carolina had a lot of the warts exposed by the Falcons last week. QB Jake Delhomme admitted he's still hurting from off-season elbow surgery. The Pack is just a game behind in the NFC North despite a 5-6 record. With the Vikings and Bears squaring off, the Packers can make up some ground.
Another good game that saw the Pack rally from a 21-10 deficit to take a 28-21 lead, only to lose 35-31. LOSS

Dolphins -8 at Rams
The fish aren't likely to catch the Jets or Pats in the division, but they're still in the Wildcard mix. They barely beat the Raiders 2 weeks ago and were embarrassed by the Pats last week. They should bounce back this week against a hapless Rams team.
The Dolphins are not really that good. Yes, they won 16-12, but they should have crushed this Rams team. LOSS

Ravens -7 at Bengals
Another favorite, but how can you blame us? The Ravens bounced back nicely from their loss to the Giants, with a blow out win over Philly. They sit just one game back of the Steelers in the AFC North. The Bengals have one win. 'Nuff said.
Never a contest, Ravens roll. WON

Colts -4.5 at Browns
Brady Quinn is out for the year with a broken finger, which means Derek Anderson is back in. The Colts are without star DB Bob Sanders, but their offense has been clicking and their 'D' has improved.
Dull..this game was on CBS while the Giants were on Fox. Can't imagine too many people chose this game to watch. Browns already lost Quinn, now Anderson is probably done for the year too. Browns covered though. LOSS

Falcons +5 at Chargers
The Chargers season is slipping away, but if they run the table they can get back to the playoffs. No matter what happens, Norv Turner is probably done as coach in San Diego. The Falcons are rolling by rookie QB Matt Ryan and it should continue today.
We were on the money here. Ryan's great rookie season continues. WON

Steelers -1 at Patriots
Great game...Matt Cassell and the Pats offense has been red hot, but the Steelers defense is still solid. Should be a low scoring game with the boys from iron city prevailing.
Not even close, the Steelers blow out the Pats, 33-10. WON

Raiders -3 vs. Chiefs
Boy is this game now what it used to be. The Raiders are playing a little better since Tom Cable took over and had a resounding win over the Broncs last week. Both teams stink, but this game could actually be entertaining.
The Chiefs won this 20-13. You want to know why? Because for some reason Cable ran a fake FG with Jankowski running the ball. WTF! LOSS

Bears +3 at Vikings
A huge game in the NFC North, where these two teams are tied at an underwhelming 6-5. Will go with the Bears 'D' in this one, thought we also expect a big day from A.P..

Jaguars +3 at Texans
Good God, who scheduled this one? Even if the Jags were playing up to par, did anyone think the Texans were worthy of MNF?

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