Sunday, November 9, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 10

It's been a busy week, works, elections, general chaos, but now we're back. Plenty of Yankees stuff to talk about, but for now we're just going to make our NFL picks. We were 8-6 last week thanks to success in the late games and MNF. That puts us at 71-55-4 for the season.

We're already off to an -01 start after getting the Browns (-3.5) vs. Broncos game wrong on Thursday night. Big Blue with another big game tonight against the Eagles. You already know how we feel about prime time games. Despite that we will stay take the Giants and the 3 points.
Giants +3 Prediction Giants 19 Eagles 17

Jets -9.5 vs. Rams
We probably would have taken the Rams had Stephen Jackson been able to play, but since he's not we feel the Jets will manhandle the Rams. Yeah we know, we saw how the Jets had their skirts on against the Chiefs and Raiders.

Jaguars -6.5 at Lions
The Jags have some making up to do after last week's embarrassing loss to the Bengals.

Titans -3 at Bears
No Kyle Orton, which means a return to the unreliable Rex Grossman for Da Bears. The Bears 'D' should keep the game close, but the Titans will remain unbeaten.

Patriots -3.5 vs. Bills
We are off the Bills bandwagon for now. This team has looked horrible the last couple of weeks. The Pats without Brady still find ways to win.

Falcons -1.5 vs. Saints
The Saints lack of defense is absurd and their offense is hit or miss. It's only made worse with injuries.

Dolphins -8 vs. Seahawks
The fish laying 8? This is the Miami Dolphins that won one game last year? Oh yeah, they've brought excitement back to the retirement state.

Packers +2.5 at Vikings
Big test for Aaron Rodgers and company. Same can be said for Minny.

Panthers -10 at Raiders
You know things are going bad when you're a 10 pt dog at home. The Raiders had 77 total yards last week. Take it away Joe Biden, "let me say that again, 77 yards".

Chargers -14.5 vs. Chiefs
The Chargers are extreme underachievers, but they will have no problem scoring 40 or more against this KC team.

Steelers -3.5 vs Colts
Ben Roethlisberger or no Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers 'D' should be the difference maker. It helps that the Colts have no running game.

Ravens +2 at Texans
Baltimore would be favored if this were a home game. Schaub out, Rosenfels in at QB for Houston.

Cardinals -9.5 vs. 49ers
First Miami now this. The Cards by 9.5? Yeah, they're mediocre, but by far the best in their division.

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