Sunday, November 2, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 9

A very mediocre 6-7-1 last week puts us at 63-49-4 overall. Even without Tony Romo, today is a huge game for Big Blue as they host the Dallas Cowgirls Cowboys in one of those annoying home 4:15 games. Both the Giants and Jets play on the east coast, so unfortunately the Giants have the late, interrupt dinner, game. On the bright side, because both teams are on the road, you don't have to watch the Jets in the metro area. The Titans-Packers will be on FOX at 1 pm EST (did you set your clocks back?).

The Giants are 8.5 point favorites against the Cowboys due to Romo's injury and the poor play thus far of back up Brad Johnson. Tough spread against Dallas, but we think the Giants can handle it at home.
Giants -8.5 vs. Cowboys Prediction: Giants 27 Cowboys 17

Bills -5 vs. Jets
The Bills are coming off a bad loss to the Dolphins last week, while the Jets face the toughest stretch of their schedule. Brett Favre will move the ball against the Bills, but after the Jets poor performances against the Raiders and Chiefs, we can't possibly take them.

Texans +5.5 at Vikings
A couple of 3-4 teams, with the Texans having won their last three games. The Vikings have the second best defense against the run, but have to stop Andre Johnson in the passing game. Vikings should take the home game, but it should be close.

Jaguars -7.5 at Bengals
The Jags offense should be able to cause havoc all over Paul Brown Stadium. The winless Bengals will remain that way.

Bucaneers -9.5 at Chiefs
We really don't like when the Bucs have large spreads, but this one-win Chiefs team is that bad. And they're only worse without the president of the He-man Woman Hater's Club, Larry Johnson.

Ravens +2 at Browns
This is a tough one between the old Browns and the new Browns. We see a low scoring game that can go either way. Eeny-meeny-miny-Ravens.

Cardinas -3 vs. Rams
The old St. Louis vs. the new St. Louis. Cardinals are 3-0 at home and they should remain unbeaten in that regard. Stephen Jackson is a game time decision once again.

Bears -12.5 vs. Lions
Really don't like this line, but like the Lions even less. Actually we don't like the Lions at all. Bears in a blow out.

Titans -4 vs. Packers
Titans should remain unbeaten, but this should be a pretty close ball game. Aaron Rodgers just got himself a contract extension. Let's see how he reacts. Titans by 6.

Broncos -3.5 vs. Dolphins
The Dolphins have done a great job and are highly competitive. The Broncos are playing old style AFL high scoring games. They should allow plenty of points in this one too, but should win it by a touchdown.

Falcons -3 at Raiders
Matt Ryan will enjoy a big game. There's nothing more that needs to be said. Raiduhs stink.

Eagles -6.5 vs. Seahawks
We're not allowing Seattle's romp over a bad 49ers team to influence us. Look for a big day from Brian Westbrook.

Patriots +6.5 at Colts
This is not the rivalry it once was. We think the Pats will win outright, but even if we're wrong this should be a field goal game.

Steelers +2 vs. Redskins
Great MNF match up. The Steelers are banged up and coming off a tough loss to the Giants. The Redskins struggled against the Lions and Browns the last two weeks, but won both. Not this time.

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