Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If they all had Brosius' Heart

Scott Brosius quickly became a fan favorite during his time here with the Yankees from 1998-2001. It was only a 4-year period, but Brosius left a lasting impression. A stellar defender, a clutch bat, and a player, who though he may not have had the biggest skills, always played with a lot of heart. He won the World Series MVP in 1998 and of course, hit the 2nd game tying home run against the Diamondbacks in 2001's Game 5.

Brosius is now in his first year as head coach of his alma mater, Linfield College in McMinniville, Oregon. Brosius worked various jobs for the baseball team, including heading up its recruiting efforts. After working as a full-time assistant, he got the bump to head coach when Scott Carnahan decided to step down after 24 years. Carnahan is staying on as an assistant for his former player.

We happened to stumble on an interview Brosius did last October with the blog, "All on the Field" . It's a good read.

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