Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Hate West Coast Games

Last night was a perfect example of why I hate games on the left coast. Specifically those games that start at 10 EDT or later. Usually this form of aggravation occurs in Seattle or Anaheim, but once in a while Oakland chips in.

This is how the typical scenario goes. Game moves at a fairly decent pace as the Yankees take an early lead. The margin is usual 2-4 runs. A quick peek at the clock - looks like we won't be going to bed too late. Then about the 6th inning things begin to change. The starting pitcher (Kei Igawa), who to this point hasn't looked too bad, begins to lose it. This usually happens right after one of the announcers points out that fact.

Now the game begins to slow as a steady stream of relievers march in from both team's bullpens. There's wasted opportunities (bases loaded no one out in the 8th - no runs score), blown leads by a particularly aggravating pitcher (Kyle Farnsworth), and a guy who keeps stranding runners (Doug Mientkiewicz).

Now the next scenario happens either while sleeping (by which time it's already 1:15 am on the east coast) or if I'm dumb enough to stay up and watch someone other than Mariano Rivera lose the game (Brian Bruney in the 11th). Thankfully, I went to sleep after the top of the 10th, which this morning left me pretty tired, but not quite as aggravated as if I had stayed up until the bitter end.

The next morning, flip on the TV, the Internet, or open the newspaper (which doesn't always have the late score) to read the obvious. A's 5 Yankees 4 in 11.


Kei Igawa only lasted into the 6th, but it was a big improvement over his 1st start. Unfortunately, that's still not good enough.

Bobby Abreu didn't help Igawa any when he dropped Mike Piazza's fly to right for a 3 base error that lead to a 1-1 tie.

Alex Rodriguez hit the ball sharply all night and had a pair of hits.

Farnsworth was demoted to the 7th inning role and served up a 2-0 fat fastball to Nick Swisher who quickly turned a 4-3 deficit into a 4-4 tie.

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