Friday, April 20, 2007

No Sleep 'til Boston

So how many times have you watched the replay? 5? 10? 20? I lost count, between the Yankees website and Sportscenter, and the news. And being I caught the game on the computer yesterday, I watched the replay on YES last night.

Alex Rodriguez really did hit another walk off HR. Let's just forget the walk off for a minute. Alex Rodriguez hit another HR. That's a record 10 in the team's first 14 games. That's 9 in the last 11 games.

Back to the walk 0ff. A-Rod becomes the first player to hit a walk off grand slam and a walk off 3-run HR in the month of April. (Who does the data mining on this stuff?)

So instead of going up to Boston at even .500, the Yankees head north 2 games over the watermark.

Someone please just tell John Sterling to drop the "an A-Bomb for A-Rod". Really poor taste.

One of the delights following yesterday's game was listening to The FAN after the game. Mad Dog was a mad dog indeed, going ballistic at the Yankees' good fortune, and blaming others in the studio for the Indians blowing the game. Francesca, rightfully, gloated the whole way.

Then it was over to 1050 to hear Michael Kay's show. Before he came on, co-host Don LaGreca lambasted sidekick Joey Salvia for rooting for A-Rod, after booing him earlier. Classic stuff.


A few things were missed in yesterday's comeback. Sean Henn won his 1st major league game, joining Chase Wright and Kei Igawa to make it 3 straight games that a Yankees pitcher has done so.

Jorge Posada is living life far from the microscope. He's quietly put together a fine April, hitting .353 with 2 HR and 11 RBI. He's also added 3 doubles, 4 walks, and a .922 OPS.

Jason Giambi looks like he may finally be finding his swing. He went for 5-11 against the Tribe with a pair of HRs.

Bobby Abreu bounced back from a rough series in Oakland to completely hammer the Indians. The Quiet Man went 8-12 with 5 RBI, 2 walks, and 3 stolen bases.


Chien-Ming Wang is closer to rejoining the team after throwing a rehab stint in Tampa. The Wanger threw 74 pitches and another 15 in the bullpen afterwards. Roving pitching instructor and donut eater Billy Connor says Wang is ready to go.

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