Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We've Lost our Mojo

I was disappointed this morning to wake up and find out that this Mike Myers had not been dropped off the top of Tropicana Field last night. The garbageman threw away another one in a 6-4 loss that saw the Yankees drop into the AL East cellar.

Any of these 3 variations of Mike Myers would be acceptable over the waste of a roster spot that is currently clogging up a roster spot.

In case you missed it, and you are probably glad you did, Chien-Ming Wang made his return from the DL last night and gave the Yankees a solid 6 1-3 innings. The Yankees clung to a 3-2 lead entering the 7th when Wang allowed a single and double to put the tying and go ahead runs in scoring position.

Then over managing Joe Torre pulled him after only 81 pitches and brought in the overused, overrated Luiz Vizcaino. Torre opted to intentionally walk Rocco Baldelli to set up the double play. Vizcaino then got a huge break when Brendan Harris hit a frozen rope that Miguel Cairo (more on that later) speared for the 2nd out. With lefty Carl Crawford up, Torre went to the pen again for Myers, who is more of a nightmare than the character in Halloween.

Myers worked a 2-2 count, before Crawford, who already had 3 hits, crushed a flat, fat fastball into the seats for a grand slam. Double trouble as Mrs. MM then got mad at me for the plethora of 4 letter words that flew from my mouth. Nice job _____________ (fill in appropriate negative nickname here).

Things went from bad to better to worse in this one. Getting back to the Miguel Cairo situation, Derek Jeter took a 91 mph Scott Kazmir fastball to his left thigh, right above the knee, in the 1st inning. Jeter remained in for the 1/2 inning, but immediately left for the night when the team came out on defense. Of course Jeter was quoted as saying he would be ready on Wednesday. Since Jeter did not have an official at-bat, his 14 game hitting streak stays in tact.

Hideki Matsui's return to the lineup was an immediate boost as Godzilla smacked a long HR and added an RBI single in the 9th as a Yankees rally fell short.

A-Rod hit for the collar to end his 23 game hitting streak.

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