Friday, February 29, 2008

The Daily Yankeeland

The Yankees open the spring season against the University of South Florida today. The Yankees defeated the Bulls the only time they ever met, back in 1982. The local CBS radio affiliate carries the USF games, but we don't know yet if this game will be on air. Here's the link just in case.

Tino Martinez warned the USF team, for which he's a volunteer assistant, not to try impressing anyone with an overly aggressive slide or by brushing back one of the Yankees hitters. Tino remembered some players on San Diego State U. doing just that when the Yankees faced them back in 1998.

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein apologized to Mike Mussina, via Brian Cashman, for his asinine "Bad Apple" comment the other day concerning the Yankees trip to Japan. Moose continued to downplay the whole thing.

Peter Abraham did a Q & A with Phil Hughes, using questions sent by readers of their respective blogs. Our favorite? "Who would win in a cage match between Joba and Ian Kennedy?" Surprisingly, Hughes went with IPK.

The FBI has confirmed that they have begun in an investigation to determine if Roger Clemens lied to Congress.

Mariano Rivera will not pitch before next Wednesday as the Yankees allow him to continue at his own pace. Hidkei Matsui is not expected to play in a spring game until March 9, so that his knee will be in better shape.

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