Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blogging: Enter with Caution

C.J. Wilson of the Texas Rangers may now be heeding that advice. Wilson is in hot water with his teammates after making a general, derogatory comment about them and their lack of interest in the presidential campaign.

Wilson commented to that he was frustrated by his teammate's apathy. Brandon McCarthy responded with a lengthy critical post on Wilson gave McCarthy kudos for expressing himself, but took a shot at the rest of the Rangers.

"Come on man you have to admit the median or average guy in a baseball clubhouse does drive an SUV, drinks beer, golfs, likes college sports, chews or dips tobacco and is relatively a [expletive]."

Michael Young, Kevin Millwood, and Frank Catalanotto all got in Wilson's face about his choice of tactics.
"I think if you are going to be online, you have to choose your words wisely," Catalanotto said. "And if you have something to say to someone, I think you should say that directly to them. Otherwise, it can misconstrued, even if it was meant in a joking manner. That doesn't come across on the Web. Hopefully, C.J. has learned his lesson. You can say something online that makes yourself or your teammates look bad."
General Manager Jon Daniels didn't let it just go either.

"I've spoken to him about his blogging in the past – using good judgment, what's appropriate and what's not – but not about this specifically. My understanding is the players are handling it themselves.

"We're a family, and it's important to handle things internally. I don't see much benefit in getting into it publicly. In this case, C.J. used poor judgment in what he wrote and that reflects poorly on him and by extension the team he represents."

We could probably dismiss it as just the antics of another loony lefty, but it's a big mistake to tick off your teammates...even if you might be right.

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