Monday, October 29, 2007

Tampering Rumors Continue to Spread


If you recall there were rumors back in September that A-Rod already had a deal in place with the Cubs, including partial ownership. While it sounded ludicrous and Scott Boras categorically denied it, Ken Rosenthal and others think back room deals were already taking place well before last night's opt out.
The deal is done. Or darn near close to it.
I don't know the team. I don't know the terms. But I know this much: There is no way Alex Rodriguez would have opted out of his contract with the Yankees unless he and his agent, Scott Boras, knew they had a bigger score coming.

Boras doesn't act on impulse. He routinely hoodwinks owners because he outworks and outsmarts them. And even if he doesn't know exactly how this will play out — which I doubt — he surely has, uh, surveyed the landscape.

Some will be outraged that Boras chose the final game of the World Series to drop his latest — and greatest — stink bomb. The more serious concern for baseball is the possibility that Boras already has shopped A-Rod to other clubs, winking and nodding if not outright tampering.

If it's true, hopefully MLB comes down hard on Boras, A-Rod, and whicever teams are involved.

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