Sunday, October 28, 2007

NFL Week 8

For a variety of reasons we didn't get a chance to do our usual preview of this weekend's games, but here were our picks and the results going into Monday night.

Anyone watching the locals needed a crate of No-Doze to stay awake.

We went 8-4, going into the Monday night game.

Giants -9.5 vs. Miami in London, England.
What a waste of a trip. The weather sucked, the field sucked, the fans were great, but did they really give a fish and chips who won? We took the Giants, laying the points, and not only didn't they cover, they nearly blew the game.
Final- Giants 13 Dolphins 10 WRONG

Bills +3 vs. Jets
How in the name of the late Pete Rozelle were the Jets favored? Mangenius finally pulled Chad Pennington...but with 3:30 left in the game?
Final- Bills 13 Jets 3 RIGHT

Browns -3 at Rams
The Rams had Marc Bulger and Stephen Jackson in the starting lineup and we were tempted, but luckily we stayed with the Browns. And Jackson got hurt again.
Final- Browns 27 Rams 20 RIGHT

Bears -5 vs Lions
We don't trust the Bears, but the Lions have been notoriously bad on the road. We were so wrong on this one. This Bears team is one year removed from the big game???
Final- Lions 17 Bears 6 WRONG

Colts +7 at Panthers
David Carr or Vinny Testaverde? Did it really matter. Can the Colts just play the Pats for the AFC title game and get it over with already? Still wondering who we took?
Final- Colts 31 Panthers 7 RIGHT

Vikings -1 vs. Eagles
Kelly Holcomb was filling in for Tavaris Jackson and we thought that would be enough to take the Vikes at home. Donovan McNabb quieted the critics for a bit.
Final- Eagles 23 Vikings 16 WRONG

Steelers -4 at Bengals
This is clearly a bad Bengals football team. Marvin Lewis is a very good coach, but his head may be on the chopping block. Who had the most input for all the misfits they've either drafted or signed as free agents? We went with Mike Tomlin and his normal jaw all the way.
Final- Steelers 24 Bengals 13 RIGHT

Titans -7 vs. Raiders
Outside of Rob Bironas, the Titans have been unable to put points on the board. We still thought they'd get more than enough against the Raiders. Oops. Btw, Vince Young threw for less yards than Eli Manning!
Final- Titans 13 Raiders 9 WRONG

Chargers -10 vs. Texans
The Chargers are starting to take out their early frustration on the rest of the league. We figured they would.
Final- Chargers 35 Texans 10 RIGHT

Jaguars +3.5 at Bucaneers
No David Garrard, but we don't trust this Bucs squad. Our fears paid off.
Final- Jags 24 Bucs 23 RIGHT

Saints -1.5 at 49ers
How were the Saints favored by so little? Just because Alex Smith was back? Similar situation to the Chargers.
Final- Saints 31 49ers 10 RIGHT

Patriots -14.5 vs. Redskins
When do you not go with the Pats, when they're favored by 50? Even then they probably would find a way to cover. We're just glad they don't play the Giants until the last week of the season. Hopefully they'll call of the dogs by then.
Final- Patriots 52 Redskins 7 RIGHT

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