Friday, October 9, 2009

2009 ALDS - Game 2 Lineups

No surprises in the Yankees lineup (since we already knew about Molina)

SS Jeter
LF Damon
1B Teixeira
3B Rodriguez
DH Matsui
RF Swisher
2B Cano
CF Cabrera
C Molina

P Burnett

For the visiting Twins:

RF Span
SS Cabrera
C Mauer
RF Kubel
1B Cuddyer
LF Young
CF Gomez
3B Tolbert
2B Punto

P Blackburn

Only Johnny Damon (3-11) and Nick Swisher (3-12) have double digit at-bats against Blackburn. Mark Teixeira is perfect against the right-hander, going 6-6 with a home run and 5 RBI. On the other end, Robinson Cano is 0-8.

Orlando Cabrera has the most at-bats (28) against Burnett, while 8 others have 10 or more. Joe Mauer is 5-13 (.385) with 1 RBI. Among them, Michael Cuddyer 2-13 (.154), Jason Kubel 5-17 (.235), and Delmon Young 3-10 (.300).

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