Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yankees Playoff Roster Finalized

Courtesy of the Yes Network:

Position players (14)
Derek Jeter
Johnny Damon
Mark Teixeira
Alex Rodriguez
Jorge Posada
Hideki Matsui
Robinson Cano
Nick Swisher
Melky Cabrera
Brett Gardner
Jerry Hairston Jr.
Jose Molina
Eric Hinske
Francisco Cervelli

Pitchers (11)
CC Sabathia
A.J. Burnett
Andy Pettitte
Mariano Rivera
Phil Hughes
David Robertson
Damaso Marte
Phil Coke
Alfredo Aceves
Joba Chamberlain
Chad Gaudin

I'm a little surprised that the Yankees took 3 catchers, however it became pretty much an automatic when Joe Girardi decided to have Jose Molina catch A.J. Burnett in game 2 (and possibly an "if necessary" game 5).

I thought at this point Brian Bruney, based on recent outings, would make the squad, but he too was left off. Apparently Girardi is still not comfortable enough to trust Bruney in big spots.

Jerry Hairston Jr., rather than Ramiro Pena, made the team as the utility infielder, meaning his wrist must be in pretty good shape.

No surprise that Eric Hinske made the roster to add some pop off the bench.


  1. They may mix it up in ALCS (if, and when they get there). Personally, I would have sat Marte, and added Pena or Bruney, but Girardi felt he needed Marte.

  2. He only took Marte because of the Twins lefties. He would have taken Bruney over Marte had it been the Tigers.

  3. I think giradi is making a mistake putting molina
    in there when he is an automatic out. just aj can't do what he is suppose to do. How many times when giradi was a catcher did he miss a ball behind the plate..

  4. I think Girardi is extremely concerned about Burnett's psyche. A game can get away from him too easily. Molina's an automatic out, but with all the bats we have that really shouldn't matter.

    Think about how many teams, especially older ones, had weak hitting, great defensive middle infielders in their lineups. Like Belanger in Baltimore.

  5. If giradi really wants to do what he is doing i think Andy should pitch game 2 and 5 because they will be more important. We don't need a pitcher who has to choose who is pitching to.
    An automatic out is imortant I know we have enough others in the lineup but anyone can fail. But not like molina. whats more important a happy pitcher or a world series...

  6. Pettitte's been much better on the road though.

  7. i can tell the other anonymous writer is pretty new to this game of baseball. molina is a fine catcher. on any most other teams he would be the starting catcher. he may not have the bat posada has but i would not go as far as saying he is an automatic out. i have seen him come through with hi base hits at times. stop panicking it is what it is..besides he has been a very important part of this team for at least two years now! remember?? hey i did not say anything bad about you.. i just said your rather new to this game.. i have been around long enough to tell!!!

  8. at this moment i am writing this marte just gave up the game. but he also got lucky because the extra umpire from left field blew the call on the ground rule double hit by kubel who got a single off marte anyhow. then marte gave up another single to cuddyer which would have scored the go ahead run in the top of the 11th inning. i never liked marte but i don't care for brian bruney either. bruney is a clubhouse rag with a big mouth. i wish the yankees get rid of both of them quickly!!! marte has been a nightmare ever since he joined the team!!! now because of the damage this bum marte has done the yankees have to battle with the bases loaded with no body out to get out of the inning. but texieara gloves magic to get he firs outs and then there is a fly ball to center field caught by gardner to save the inning... GO YANKS GO!!!!! AND THANKS TO THE NICE WORK OUT OF THE BULLPEN BY "DAVE THE SAVIOR ROBERTSON" I AM THE SECOND ANONYMOUS WRITER!! NOT THE FIRST WHO DOES NOT LIKE MOLINA!!

  9. Defense is more important than offense especially considering the rest of the Yanks line-up..since Jorge can barely catch a fastball over 90 miles an hour, it's better to have Molina in there. Agreed..let's say good-bye to Marte forever after this series..back to the National League for him.