Saturday, October 3, 2009

20-20 Hindsight

By now you are well aware of the monumental failure that was CC Sabathia's attempt at a 20 win season. But do you know just how heartbreaking (ok, heartbreaking is a little extreme) it was for Adam Wainwright of the Cardinals last night.

Wainwright had a 6-0 lead over Milwaukee at one point and departed, up 6-1, in the 7th with two on and no one out. The Cardinals bullpen completely imploded- the result at a 12-6 Brewers win. That's right, 12 consecutive runs scored by the Brewers after the Cards jumped out to the early lead.

The Cardinals also lost on Saturday ensuring home field advantage for the Phillies throughout the NL Playoffs.

This is the first season since 2006 that there will be no 20-game winner in the major leagues.

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