Saturday, October 17, 2009

Game 2 Lineups and Thoughts

Before I get into Game 2, a little more about Game 1. Specifically, Alex Rodriguez. Those of you who trashed him on radio call in shows this morning sounded like complete idiots. The guy made a mistake and then tried to make up for it with a hard play at the plate. Some of you acted as if he committed a heinous crime.

The Derek Jeter vs. Alex Rodriguez stuff has to stop. Comparing the two is asinine. Their different people, different players, and they have different styles. Rodriguez made a mistake, but it was no big deal, especially in light of a victory.

As everyone expected, Jose Molina will be behind the plate for A.J. Burnett tonight. As was not expected, as of 6:15 p.m. ET, it appears the teams will get the game in.



SS Jeter
LF Damon
1B Teixeira
3B Rodriguez
DH Matsui
RF Swisher
2B Cano
CF Cabrera
C Molina

P Burnett


3B Figgins
RF Abreu
CF Hunter
DH Guerrero
1B Morales
LF Rivera
2B Izturis
C Napoli
SS Aybar

P Saunders

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