Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now Catching, the Mighty Durga

Yankees manager Joe Girardi has decided that the Hindu Goddess Durga will give the Yankees their best defense with A.J. Burnett starting Game 5 of the ALCS tonight. With Burnett's propensity to be wild with his breaking pitches, the versatile Durga gives the Yankees an excellent shot at no wild pitches or passed balls.

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  1. Well now it’s 3-2 Drew!!! Tough loss for the Yankees last night. Here’s hoping they can get things done in Game 6 with ol’ reliable, Pettite on the mound against Saunders at home. I’ve got a good feeling. Definitely don’t want to go to game 7, even with CC on the hill. Anyone worried about him wearing down???

    Also, let’s hope Girardi doesn’t keep hurting us like I think he has so far!!! Thoughts?

    Also, check out some great New York Yankees stuff, it’s great to see from any Yankees Blog. The stuff is from Steiner Sports, my client. Thanks!

    Thanks again, LET’S GO YANKS. Let’s put up #27!!! Keep up the good work