Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Posada: Molina Catching Burnett

"Jorge, don't be so pissed. It wasn't my decision."

The Yankees' beat writers on Twitter have all confirmed that Jose Molina will be catching A.J. Burnett in game 2 of the AL Division Series.

TylerKepner: posada says Molina will catch Burnett. "It's not like I didnt see it coming," he said.

LoHud_Yankees(Sam Borden): Posada just said he talked to Girardi Sun. He was told Molina will catch Burnett in ALDS. "We just better win that game," Posada said.

There has been immense outrage in Yankees Twitter land with the majority of people calling this move a huge mistake, stupid, etc.

Really, does it matter that much? We know that Jose Molina has an inferior bat, but we do know that he is the better defender of the two (he and Posada). What's more, if that's what it takes for Burnett to throw a solid game, so be it.

This isn't the first time this situation has arisen for the Yankees. Back in 1996, Andy Pettitte got on a role with Jim Leyritz behind the plate. Then manager Joe Torre stuck with it in the post-season though Leyritz was an inferior defender as compared to Joe Girardi. Albeit, Leyritz was the better bat, but that's not what got him in the lineup.

Joe Girardi is really in a no win situation here. If he kept Posada in and Burnett got clobbered, he'd get skewered for not starting Molina. And of course, the opposite will be true if Burnett throws a bad game, or Molina's lack of offense costs them the game.

The bottom line is that the Yankees have plenty of offense to make up for Posada's absence. Now it falls on Burnett alone to get the job done.

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