Friday, March 13, 2009

Yanks Looks to Kids for Some Relief

Andy Hawkins, Kyle Farnsworth, Steve Karsay, Juan Acevedo, Octavio Dotel, Felix Rodriguez...the list goes on and on of the names of well known relievers the Yankees have brought in over the years in an attempt to strengthen their bullpen. For the most part, it hasn't worked out well. But this year, there's a new approach and the Yankees are hoping it pays off.

The approach is to stay in-house- the Yankees farm system is stocked full of good, strong arms, and Brian Cashman is hoping he can weave a successful pen out of them. If one guy doesn't work out, he has plenty more to choose from, without having to increase payroll.

The Daily News' Mark Feinsand takes a look at Cashman's new pen approach.
"I'm proud that they didn't sign anybody," (Jose) Veras said. "They didn't have to give a few million dollars to someone because they think that guys like me, Coke, Edwar (Ramirez) and (Brian) Bruney can do."

photo courtesy of NY Post

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