Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Awful Joba

Joe Girardi and the Yankees will try to down play it, and rightly so, but there will be no denying just how awful Joba Chamberlain was today. Making his second start of the spring (he only last 1 inning in his first start), Chamberlain faced just five hitters, walk four of them and allowing one hit. It translated to a 6-run inning as Team Canada bolted out in front of the Yankees in today's exhibition game.

Jonathan Albaladejo, making his first appearance since getting hit on the calf by a come backer, threw two innings, allowing one run. Kei Igawa has come on to start the fourth inning.

Nick Swisher and new starting third baseman Cody Ransom have drawn walks, but the Yankees are looking for the first base hit of the day.


  1. Was this a joke? It is still spring training. These stats don't matter. And didn't he say he only threw fastballs? He wasn't aweful if he feels he made progress with his fastball.

  2. Why would it would be a joke? He couldn't throw strikes today. Translation - awful.