Friday, March 6, 2009

The Daily Yankeeland - 3/6

We said Joba Chamberlain was awful yesterday, and we stick by that. But he feels good, which is important. After walking four and allowing a hit without retiring a batter, Joba shrugged his performance off as one of those spring days when the mechanics are off. More importantly, he felt good physically. Joe Girardi isn't concerned about Joba yet, but will be if he throws the same way his next time out.

Hideki Matsui participated in his first game, going 0-2 in the exhibition game with Team Canada. Le Canada won 6-0.

Both Mariano Rivera and Edwar Ramirez threw off a mound yesterday. It was the first time this year for Mo and the first time since experiencing shoulder discomfort for Ramirez.

The beat writers for various teams around the country are already looking at who their team can deal to the Yankees if A-Rod is out. The Dallas Morning News would like to move the injury prone Hank Blalock and his $6.25 million annual salary. One of the bay area papers (sorry, we lost the link) suggested the even more injury prone Bobby Crosby, who is not even a third baseman. A's GM Billy Beane has said, for now, he does not intend to trade Crosby despite the acquisitions of Orlando Cabrera and Nomar Garciaparra.

Joe Sherman of the Post reported today that Brian Cashman recommended that the Yankees let A-Rod walk if he opted out of his contract prior to the 2008 season. Perhaps the Steinbrenners should have listened.'s Jonathan Mayo takes a look at 10 Yankees prospects to watch.

Former Yankees pitching coach/mentor Billy Connors has established a fund to help Schenectady, NY students.

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