Friday, March 13, 2009

The Managerial Hot Seat

I recently wrote a piece on the MLB managers' job security are lack thereof. Our very own Joe Girardi heads the list of those on the hot seat.

Joe Girardi (NYY):

The Yankee manager’s year was already was off to a tough start with Alex Rodriguez’ admission of steroid use. Then things got much trickier when it was discovered that A-Rod needed hip surgery. The Yankees spent a small fortune in the off-season to bring Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, and A.J. Burnett into the fold. After missing the playoffs for the first time in a non-strike year since 1993, the front office won’t settle for anything less than a playoff spot. But of course that will not guarantee Girardi’s return in 2010 either. A slow start, a prolonged slump, or a late fade, could spell doom for the former Yankee world series hero.

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