Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yankees, Red Sox Bond

The intensity of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry goes without saying. But that doesn't mean these guys hate each other, or for that matter, even dislike each other. One thing that All-Star games, winter ball, and the World Baseball Classic do, are give players a chance to get to get know one another, and yes, even become friends.

Such is the case of a pair of middle infielders. Anthony McCarron of the Times reports that Derek Jeter and Dustin Pedroia can be seen palling around during the WBC. Yankees and Red Sox fans everywhere must be shuddering.

The two play the game the same way, balls to the wall, and it's not lost on the other.
"One of the good things about something like this is you get to put the personalities with the players," Jeter said. "I enjoy spending time with some of those guys."

Jeter says he admires the way both Pedroia and Youkilis play "every game like it's the last game they're going to play. You appreciate that."

"It's awesome to play with him, especially because we play against him so much during the season and he's always getting hits and doing things, so you respect him so much," added Pedroia. "We don't hate them and I don't think they hate us. It's great competition. That's what makes it fun - playing against great players and trying to win."
It's not just Yankees-Red Sox though. The intra-city rivals have a chance to show admiration for each other too.

"The thing with him, I respect the way he handles himself in New York," Jeter said of (David) Wright. "I can relate to what it's like coming up at a young age. He's a great player, it goes without saying that.

"But I'm more impressed with the way he handles himself. It seems like he's a guy on that team that people look toward. The thing I like about him is you don't have to be a rah-rah guy and run your mouth all the time to show leadership. I think he shows all the right leadership skills - he leads by example and he's not phony. What you see is what you get from him. It's not an image he's trying to portray; I think that's how he is as a person."

He notes how Jeter, despite his accomplishments, still works on his game diligently. "He's a leader and a winner and that's something I'd like to be," Wright said.
Remember all of this, Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets fans, the next time your ready to dump your beer or take a swing at the fan in the other team's colors.


  1. I'll never dump my beer or take a swing at the fan in the other team's colors.
    But still I won't mind seeing Joba throw a 100 mph high fastball over Youk's head.